I remember the first time I went in to get a Pap test, my mom came along with me, just like she has for important doctor appointments and events. This Pap test was not only important because it was going to be my first one, but because I was also pregnant. It was my first pregnancy and first ever Pap test at once. I remember being nervous but also remember my mom’s loving, and caring words, which made me feel at ease. To be completely honest with you, my mom still to this day goes with me to get my Pap test done. 

Why? Because she’s my rock, she’s the person I trust the most and it’s moments like these that I will always cherish, and will one day look back and forever be grateful I had the chance to share them with my mom. If I would have missed going to get my Pap tests done, my life could have been cut short, and my loved ones might sit around wondering, “What if?” As you guys know it is critical for women in their 20s to stay on top of their cervical health. Having Pap tests done is a vital component to staying cervical cancer-free and to staying 25 & alive.