As a 24 year old Black woman, it is crucial to be aware of my body and the changes that I may experience as I continue to mature within my physical being. Due to the importance of personal health and wellness, having access to a Pap Test is critical for all women! This test is designed to identify abnormal cells on the cervix that could lead to human Papillomavirus (HPV) or even cervical cancer. I recall within the second trimester of my pregnancy, I began to experience intense and uncontrollable pains that led me to an urgent doctor visit. If it were not for my ability to have access to medical needs and receive immediate care, there is no certainty of what my outcome may have been. It is unsettling to know that ALL women do not have the ability to receive proper treatment or medical attention. In order to ensure that we live to see special moments and reach our goals, it is up to us to take care of our bodies and to continue to advocate for our health and well-being! Through continued Pap Tests, I will be 25 and ALIVE, graduate with my masters, watch my son grow, help others within my career, and continue to be an advocate for the common issues.”