Hi pretties! It’s Cervical Health Awareness Month and I previously opened up about my health scare getting an abnormal Pap test result. That’s why I’m teaming up with @protectthepap to support this cause and help spread awareness this month ❤️ Now let’s be honest, it’s not exactly super comfortable having to go get our yearly pap exams being forced to spread eagle while a doctor spreads your legs open and searches all up inside you. Well talking about it isn’t the most comfortable thing either but here we are anyway trying to bring awareness 😆 I found out cervical cancer was once the #1 leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women but since the Pap test got introduced, thousands of lives have been saved! That stat has now dropped to #15 so early detection can saves lives! 🙏🏼💕I also found out sometimes you don’t even show any symptoms if you have cervical cancer so I wanted to encourage you to get your exams if you haven’t already! I’m due for mine too so I’ll be right there with you!