Back in 2015, I received an abnormal Pap test result, followed by a colposcopy and a cone biopsy. Hearing the doctor mention available treatments depending on the “stage” hit me with a deep feeling of hopelessness. Luckily, (or should I say miraculously?) it came back with ASC-US or atypical squamous cells with no need for concern. Needless to say, that experience opened my eyes for the importance of the Pap test.  

Lack of access to regular screenings and the threat of a guideline change could take the Pap test away from young women which could increase the risk of cervical cancer. We can’t let this happen. 

Doing a Pap test regularly and picking up early cervical changes PREVENTS cancer!!! If it wasn’t for timely screening tests, maybe I wouldn’t be here enjoying this breathtaking scenery from the top of Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas.