My bridal shower was one of many highlights of my early 20’s. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by a community of amazing women who uplift me in every step of my journey, from childhood, to college, to walking down the aisle. Even though it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen many of these lovely ladies in person, I’m still grateful for their friendship and support – even through iPhones, Zoom, and computer screens! I can’t imagine a life without them. 

But – what about a life without me? I would be heartbroken to miss out on the mentorship and life-lessons I continue to receive from these amazing women. These relationships, and my bridal shower memories will last a lifetime! 

Thanks to the Pap test, the lives of thousands of women have been saved. (Raise your hand if you’ve gotten routine Paps!) But with new guidelines, this could change for young individuals under the age of 25. The threat of this guideline change and lack of access to regular screenings could take the Pap away from young women. This could increase their risk of cervical cancer – we can’t let this happen.