My happiest moments are having fun and creating memories with my kids, individually and as a family. The joy, love, sloppy kisses and laughter makes everything brighter. I cannot imagine my life without these precious moments, with the people I love. To keep healthy, I eat right and take my cervical health seriously by getting regular Pap tests. 

A recent guideline change is threatening to end access to the Pap for women under 25, this is terrifying! In 2016, I got an abnormal Pap test result, after a follow up colposcopy, my doctor said there was no cause for concern. It was a relieving moment. Individuals in their twenties have so much life to live, and so many things to achieve. They deserve to be present for all the amazing moments in their future. That is why I have partnered with @be25andalive to share the importance of Pap screening to detect cervical cancer cells early.