“Cervical cancer was once the #1 leading cause of death in women. One of the leading fights against cervical cancer for decades has been fought through the well known Pap test. Pap tests detect early signs of cervical cancer; when it is easier to treat and cure.

As a woman in my 20s who takes regular Pap tests to ensure that I stay on top of my health; I can attest to the feeling of a unique, happy, and healthy life. Eliminating Pap tests for women under 25 would be dreadful and could lead some women to believe that they do not need access to regular testing that protects their reproductive health. We cannot let this happen, despite recent guideline changes that threaten to make it so.

I’m urging all women to speak out against the restriction of the Pap test for women under 25 in any way they can because me and many other women deserve to be #25andAlive”