I feel like this was a special moment. Just taking a break to breathe in and reflect on all the accomplishments I’ve had so far, and envisioning everything I want to achieve. I feel so blessed to be a homeowner, to be a wife to an amazing husband who works hard to give us a good life. To be a mom to two beautiful and healthy girls. 

I can’t imagine what it would have been like to miss out on this moment of bliss. To not be able to enjoy the blessings I’ve worked so hard to achieve. It is critical for individuals with cervixes in their 20s to stay on top of their cervical health because cervical cancer is a dangerous type of cancer (that occurs in the cells of the cervix). 

The Pap test is a vital component to staying cervical cancer-free and 25 and Alive because there may be no symptoms, and it could be too late when symptoms appear.