Pap tests have helped countless women detect and treat cervical cancer early. Like many health issues, knowledge is the key to successful treatment. However, a guideline change is threatening to reduce access to the Pap for women under 25. This is terrifying for young women in their 20’s who are just starting to make their mark on the world! 

In January, many of us adopted a ‘New Year New You’ attitude.… as we make waves in this new year, let’s leverage the power of our voices to ensure that women understand what they need to do to protect themselves. Most importantly, let’s make sure that they translate that understanding into action. Encourage your friends & your family to do the same. It’s the perfect time to demand access to the Pap test that can truly save lives. All young women deserve to be 25 and alive! I’m sure all of us young women are hoping to spend a lot of time with the people we love. We can continue to watch out for each other by taking care of our personal health along the way.