Hair extensions out, bikini on, and ready to spread awareness about CHAM! You probably don’t know it, but January is Cervical Health Awareness Month (CHAM)! 96% of my followers are men – which is cool! Guys who follow me, I’m challenging you to pay attention to anything I post referencing CHAM and to share it with any ladies you have in your life. It’s important for us to educate ourselves about women’s health – knowledge can save lives! I’m participating in spreading awareness about CHAM for that exact reason. I have 249K followers. If my posts even save a single person, then it’s worth it! You can follow @be25andalive for more information and to help spread awareness! Check out some fast facts to start CHAM month off strong 💪🏼
♥️ Health professionals recommend that women schedule their first Pap test when they turn 21.
♥️ Cervical cancer is highly curable when detected early.
♥️ Cervical cancer often doesn’t have obvious signs or symptoms until it reaches later stages? That’s why it’s so important to schedule your Pap test. Early detection saves lives!
♥️ Women who smoke are about twice as likely as non-smokers to get cervical cancer.
♥️ Black women are more likely to develop cervical cancer.