Earning my college degree at 22 has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life thus far. All the work, dedication, and sleepless nights that led up to that point were well worth it. December 2019 marked a milestone that signaled adulthood was here and ready to really begin. Although my journey thus far has been far from what I imagined and unconventional to most, I am grateful for the moments and memories it has created. 

Imagine if I never made it here…What if these achievements and moments were cut short due to a lack of preventive health screenings? For some women in their 20’s this is the case. As a young woman who is just starting life, it is important to prioritize Pap screenings to monitor and ensure cervical health. Our 20’s are meant to be enjoyed! So we must make a habit NOW of prioritizing our Pap screenings.

Establish relationships with a designated OBGYN team to make your process more comfortable. We have years ahead of us.