At the age of 21, I was at a turning point. I was going on a religious mission in Goiânia, Brazil and fulfilling a personal dream of being a missionary in a religious and social project. I left my mother and my job, to donate for 1 and a half years to so many others. It was the greatest experience of my life! 

However, I understand that some people who had dreams to fulfill were not as successful during the same window of their lives. Many were prevented from continuing to dream, and many dreams and goals were put on hold by Cervical Cancer; a disease that affects many women between 20 and 25 years old. 

However, information can save the dreams and goals of so many lives, so I’m happy to join forces with the campaign @be25andalive to help bring awareness to the subject. With January (#CervicalCancerAwareness Month) fresh in our minds, it is a shame that upcoming guideline changes will try to deny us the right to the life-saving Pap test.