25-01-2021 was a perfect day. We were celebrating my best friend, my sister, turning 21. I truly felt blessed to be surrounded by all my sisters that I grew up with. 

I can’t imagine what it would have been like to miss out on this moment of joy and love. That is why it is essential for women in their 20s to stay on top of their cervical health. 

The Pap test is a vital component to staying cervical cancer-free and #25andAlive, as it can detect precancerous conditions in the cervix so things can be monitored or treated in order to prevent cervical cancer. Routine Pap tests are recommended for women starting at the age of 21 and that is why accessibility to Pap tests is absolutely necessary. We cannot allow the Pap test to be taken away for women under 25. Lack of access to Pap tests increases the risk of missing a cervical cancer diagnosis for all women.