My family and I had such a good time in Park City. We drove by this beautiful place and decided to stop to take a family picture and contemplate the beauty of the earth. Now I have a memory of this special time with my family, which I will cherish forever in my heart. 

I can’t imagine not being with my family to enjoy that moment. Not being there to enjoy a family meal, to take care of Ryker, to watch him grow. Not being there to celebrate their birthdays and to watch them opening gifts on Christmas morning. It would be devastating not to be present on this and many cherished moments with my family. 

That’s why it’s so important for me to take care of my health. Did you know that January was Cervical Cancer Awareness Month? Through the Pap test and annual visits to the doctor, this type of cancer can be prevented and treated. This exam can save the life of thousands of women.