“Are you a woman under the age of 25? Read more 👇🏼

I talked last month about women’s health pertaining to Pap Smears and this month I’m back at it 🤘🏼 January is cervical cancer awareness month and unlike many types of cancer, cervical cancer is completely avoidable!

I try and take care of my body through my yoga practice, a balanced diet and mindfulness. Having access to women’s health services is equally as important— it’s taking care of your body from the inside out 🤸🏼‍♀️ I’m 24, just got my IUD out (I’ll speak about this soon) & have had two Paps in my life so far. A recent guideline change is trying to raise the age from 21 to 25 for a women’s first Pap—Having safe access to women’s health services is extremely important and it’s important to start in our early 20’s, when we are sexually active and even when we are not to make sure we can catch cancers early.

If you’ve never had a Pap before, don’t wait. If you wanna hear other experiences check my post a few back, or go to my Instagram Guide titled “things that matter”…. because let’s be real, this is the real shit that matters 👏🏼 “