If you have a cervix, please read on! The first picture isn’t anything out of the ordinary, just me, taking a selfie in front of some of my artwork. I live for little moments like this at home, where I look kind of cute even though I’m home and there’s nowhere to go. And I look forward to being able to one day look back on photos like this! But the second picture is just a figment of the first, and it’s what my life (or any other twenty-something with a cervix) could have looked like without the proper Pap screening. 

Did you know that cervical cancer used to be the leading cause of cancer death for women? Thanks to the Pap screening, this number has drastically decreased over the years! Unfortunately, this could change for young individuals under the age of 25 due to lack of access to regular screenings and guideline changes. This could increase the risk of cervical cancer and we can’t let that happen!